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Gionee P4

Gionee P4: the perfect blend of Pretty, Price and Power

If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to compromise performance and style, look no further, the P4 is your last bus stop.

Spec Sheet Display

4.5 Inch Processor

1.3GHz Quad Core (MTK 6589) Front Camera

2-megapixel Resolution

480×854 pixels

1GB Ram

Android 4.2

Storage 8GB

Rear Camera 5-megapixel

Battery capacity 1800mAh

Click here for full Spec sheet

Just recovering from the tortuous ordeal of one of the most horrible phone experiences ever (The Motorola Electrify 2, this phone froze for 30 minutes every 5 minutes), the Gionee P4 has given me cause to smile again and I didn’t have to break the bank. 😀

Okay. Before we get started, at EnterpriseWare we’re fans of value i.e. selling good quality at a terrific price and the Gionee P4 has tugged our value button in such a way that I’m still excited after 1 week of using it.

I feel something like the euphoria of proposing to your dream girl and she says yes then 5 days down the line you’re still peeking at her picture, not believing your eyes and grinning like a He-goat.

Enough with the metaphors, let’s see why this phone is so compelling I had to write about it. And just in case you’re wondering, shhhh,‘I don’t work for Gionee and as at the time of this writing I haven’t been to their office

About Gionee

I start with a bit of a story to buttress the credibility of this manufacturer. 3 years ago my father got this phone from a Chinese business associate, big white piece of equipment, it was a Phablet and reminded me of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 more than anything else. This was way before the Nigerian Android Invasion heralded by Tecno late 2012 into 2013. At the time I thought nothing of it, I discarded it as a ‘Chinko’ phone, but 2 years down the line I’m selling android phones of all shapes and sizes and for some reason I take time to check the ‘Chinko’ phone out. Its OS is Ice Cream Sandwich (4.04), the build quality is fantastic and it runs pretty smooth with a really cool interface.

Incidentally at the time I was stunned but for some reason I didn’t check the name (It was rather discretely inscribed) but one thing was clear, it was a really good phone.

Eventually one day this year I take time to look at the phone (yes it’s still working 3 years after) and guess what name was on it? Yours truly, Gionee. At that point, the brand earned my respect. So in writing this article I did some digging and found out this about the company

Brief history and profile of Gionee mobile company:

Established in 2002, Gionee is a technology company engaged in mobile device Design, R&D and Manufacturing. From 2005 Gionee forward integrated itself to do business in its own brand in markets across the globe.

Being a technology company Gionee has set benchmarks of quality in domestic and international markets. Gionee ranks no. 2 in Mainland China selling over 23 million units annually.

The export business is in excess of a million units monthly catering to well established brands overseas as an ODM(Original Design Manufacturer: this means they design and produce phones for other phone companies who then brand them as they please).

Gionee is now in the process of setting up its brand business globally and has a strong presence in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand and NOW India. (Source :

My Experience selling Gionee

Awesome product really. Not one manufacturer defect issue yet, though to be honest we haven’t sold as many Gionee as the major android Nigerian Android Brand, even at that, we still haven’t had any issues or complaints.

We’ve made an awesome 80% of our sales of the P4 strictly through referrals, WOW!

The P4: Game Changer

gionee-pioneer-p4 (1)
Phones and cars alike are differently suited for different climes. As nice as the Google Nexus Series is or the Motorolas X, G or Droid, are they may not be too smart a phone choice in Nigeria for 2 reasons:

  1. Support
  2. Spares.

The Nigerian phone market has its own demands and peculiarities based on the needs of the people and their environment (Socio-Economic particularly) With regards to the above Gionee has pretty decent support (I’ve had the cause to fix a client’s damaged phone).

We like

  • Processor power: With a 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor, this phone isn’t the most powerful in the market but this engine will easily handle multi-tasking (even from a phone monster like me) and though gaming not jaw droopingly terrific but it’s not bad at all.
  • Ram: 1Gb. Still not the largest in the market, but you won’t catch this phone hanging. Helps gaming
  • Form factor: Coming in at 135mm( Length), 66mm(Width) and 9.05mm(Thickness), this phone is slim and sleek and fits comfortably into your trouser or inner jacket pockets.
  • Price: Selling in the N17,000 –N18,000 price range (We sell at N17,000 with a Bonus 8GB Memory Card), this phone is a dream come true.
  • Camera: Its definitely not a Cannon, but its pretty decent. I was shocked to find out it was 5MP after some days of use. Really good stuff. It also records videos in FULL HD!
  • Pre-installed Apps: The P4 comes with a lot of pre-installed goodies tools and utilities. These enhance the value immensely, all sorts of performance boosters, cache clearers, a battery monitor. It comes with the coolest document editor
  • Operating System/User Interface: Obviously, someone tinkered with the Android Operating System and they didn’t do badly with it. This isn’t stock android, nope. Unlike many other android devices, Gionee has modified the Jelly Bean Operating system and it well… looks good. While I might have some reservations, overall it’s not been a bad experience.

Some terrific features available on the Operating System

  1.  Add a Password to your SMSs: You can add a password to SMSs from a particular sender e.g. you can encrypt your bank Notification Messages
  2. You can Block off calls from a number with the phone instead of barring your line from all incoming calls
  3. It comes with a power saving mode similar to what comes on the Samsung Galaxy S5. This mode reduces your processor performance, puts of all your connections apart from mobile reception and optimizes your phone to conserve power when you’re in most dire need.

We don’t like

  • I still haven’t figured out how to switch between calls properly i.e. ending an ongoing call to answer an incoming call. If it’s possible on this phone it’s not as simple as it should be
  • It’s also lost the default android functionality that calls up most recently dialed numbers when the first few digits are inputed. This functionality is now restricted to only names and numbers stored in your phonebook, not your call log.

Gionee P4 Scores on Phonerater

Brand Quality
Price (5) Processor (4) Resolution (3) Screen Size (3) Customer Support (5) Ram (4) Battery Life (3) Software OS/GUI
Tweaks (2)
Aesthetics and
Ergonomics (3)
Camera and Picture
Total Score
Gionee P4 3.5 3.3 3 3.5 3.5 3 3 2.6 4 3.5 2.5 127.8

            (Note: all scores are out of a possible 5 points)

The Gionee P4 comes in a decent 3rd place in our Category 2 phones (127.8 out of a possible 200), coming behind the Infinix Zero and theInnjoo i2s. This easily sets it as the most valuable phone deal if you’re working with a budget less than N20,000.
To see the full Category 2 phone ratings click here.


Diligence is in detail.

Today Android phones are a dime a dozen, thus standing apart requires paying attention to the overall user experience and presenting that offering at an affordable price. The P4 stands apart not because of any one thing in particular, but it edges out the competition by paying attention to detail where others didn’t , like its Operating System(Too many manufacturers just slap our faces with stock android), the camera, design and almighty price.

The Gionee P4 is a great phone for the reasons I’ve highlighted. It will serve well, it won’t go hanging on you. The build is strong and sturdy and if you ever need help during the lifetime of your device, Gionee offers fantastic support.

I’ve got just one question for you, what are you still waiting for?

Enterpriseware Offering @ N17,000 (This phone is available in Hot Pink, Black, White and Blue.)