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You’re busy. We all are. The average working class individual in the 21st Century is an acrobat, upwardly mobile on the career ladder as we try to juggle family (kids, spouse, parents, siblings), academics(you’re still gunning after that MBA and the other one dozen short courses) and our faith (rehearsals, services, events). I need not belabor you with details you already know.
The 21st century presents the working class with more challenges than any other generation because of the explosion of information, freedom of communication etc.

Therefore it is a grave travesty when individuals living and working in this day and age don’t manage their lives taking advantage of tools available to them by their incidence in this jet generation.
I’m talking about technology and the case in point is the way we use mobile devices, phones and tabs in particular.
All the average individual does with their devices is


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This is so nineteen ninety-nine (1999)…
If you use an android or IOS device, you have access to at least 1 million apps. That‘s a lot. Apps that many means your device has got limitless capabilities.


This writeup highlight apps that help you stay productive at work and at home, whether it’s making lists or reading stuff, they will help you strike a great work-life balance and help you stay involved with all the stuff that really matters. They’re all free too.

(For live links to these apps, visit our blog: and locate this article)



After over a year of searching for a good ToDo list app, Wunderlist has solved most of my list creation needs.

Wunderlist allows you to create folders where you can keep different lists and set reminders to manage the different areas of your life, your work todo, your shopping list, vacation plans etc.

It’s also great for sharing and collaboration, i.e. members of a team or people that work together can share tasks and monitor progress using it e.g tasks can be delegated to members of the team with that app and the progress of those tasks can be updated.

Your lists are also available across all your devices, PC, Tab, Phone.

Available on : iOS, Android and Windows App Store


Great, multiple award winning note taking app. This app helps you take notes and access them across all your device platforms- Phone, Tab, PC. It’s also got some cool features like including photos in your notes plus a bunch of other stuff.

Sign in with 1 user name across your devices and the address you copied off the internet yesterday on your laptop is readable on your phone without any transfers.

Available on : iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry OS 10

Swiftkey (Keyboard)

This highly intuitive keyboard experience saves you time. A lot of it! Forget the default keyboard and the others, Swiftkey is where it’s at!

This keyboard learns your frequently used words automatically and has one of the most intelligent prediction systems ever, the more you type, the more it will likely predict what you want to type next.
It suggests your contacts and colleagues last names, phone numbers, email addresses etc.

It also allows you to sync across your multiple android, Windows and iOS devices such that you have an identical typing experience when typing on any of your phone(s) and tabs. As if that wasn’t enough, YOU CAN SWYPE!

Available on : iOS, Android and Windows App Store


This has to be my single most important utility. It helps me store stories, news, articles, pictures and videos I come across online such that I can view them later without visiting the same web page.

The internet is a maze of information and information is only as useful to how well it can be referred to. With this app, I have my own personal library (almost 2,000 web pages strong over the last 2 years).

The beauty of it is that it plugs into all your browsers and readers and you can pull pages and content from wherever you’re reading from to read or view later.

You can also download the articles so they are available when you’re not connected to the internet.

Available on : iOS, Android, Available as  ‘pstpwn’ on Windows App Store, ‘Mnemonia’ for Blackberry OS 10


Readers, Note Takers and Office Suites


If you read (which you should by the way), this app is a life saver.
This is a News reader that sources content from RSS feeds and Blogs.
This tool extracts different stories from your favourite websites and blogs of choice and instead of having to visit the 1 dozen sites and blogs, Feedly brings everything together in one viewing and from 1 app.
It also saves you time and data you would otherwise spend visiting the websites/blogs and waiting for their pages to load.

For instance I’m subscribed to, The Verge, CNNMoney, Muscle and Fitness, Businessday. During the day, Feedly serves me fresh content from these sites as they are uploaded, all in one viewing and via one app. You can also use the ‘Pocket’ app described above to save stuff to view later.

Available on : iOS, Android, Try ‘Readiy’ on Windows App Store and ‘gNewsReader’ on Blackberry OS 10.

Kingsoft Office Suite

This is a pretty decent office suite (beats all the other free and even some paid for office suites in my humble opinion).

It essentially handles all your Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
It allows you to save to .pdf and YOU CAN ALSO SAVE TO YOUR ONLINE DRIVE (Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box etc).

It also presents your documents just as seen on PC.

Available on : iOS, Android and Blackberry OS 10

Adobe Reader ®

Yes, the very inventors of the PDF format have their app available for download. While there are a host of other PDF readers out there, Adobe ® Reader is still the number one PDF handler. It allows commenting and very decent annotation on PDF’s so you can highlight, underline etc. It’s also got ‘Night Mode’ to improve visibility and conserve battery at night.
Available on : iOS, Android, Windows and Black Berry OS 10

Some more Utilities

 Opera Max

Most of us know their browser, but Opera has this fantastic app that helps reduce the amount of data your android device guzzles every month. Still in the Beta phase (i.e. they are still testing it) and technically ‘not available in our region yet’, this app helps you shave off some valuable MB’s of data by compressing your pictures and some other stuff.

While I don’t like the fact that it makes the quality of the photos I view on my BBM, Browser drop, if you’re into data management, this might be your thing.
It also has the added advantage of blocking some apps from your data altogether, plus it tells you per time which app is most guilty of zapping your precious internet plan.

Available on : Android

VLC Player
The cone player is out on mobile and yes it plays all the formats like it does on PC ( ‘mp4’,’flv’, ‘mkv’ and the many others we’ve never heard of).

Available on : iOS, Android, Windows and Black Berry OS 10


Ever heard of Flash share? Well if your device doesn’t come with the greatest app sharing tool in the history of modern man, don’t despair. Xender will do you a lot of good. Works pretty much the same way as Flash share, i.e. it allows you to share apps (this means you can copy the apps on your friends phone/tab) between android devices using the Wi-Fi on both devices. So it’s not only neat and tidy, its super-fast.
It works with devices that also have Flash Share or Xender installed and you can also transfer files of any sort and size (Pictures, Movies and Music)

Available on : Android