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An android device is a gateway to a vast universe of applications with over 1.3 million and counting as at the time of this publication. Thus the mobile phone (and tablet pc) have become everything from a guitar(bass or electric) to a fitness tracker. This leaves you (and me of course) with an average of 118 apps a day to check out for the next 30 years, assuming it stops growing now

We however have taken time to shortlist 15 apps we believe are absolutely essential for every android user. They are particularly suited to include apps that are only fully functional in Nigeria and they are all free ;-).

Click on each app name to download it from Google’s Play Store™ and open the link with the Play Store™ app on your device.


Avast Free Anti-Virus

Most PC users are familiar with this security solution. This app scans every app installed or about to be installed and reports malicious ones. It carries out periodic scans on your device to locate malicious content it might have missed during the installation phase and it also comes with an app locker to restrict access to your apps.

Avast Anti-theft

Ever lost a phone? This security solution discreetly tracks your phone’s location and sends SMS’s with your phone’s location (coordinates too) whenever there’s a sim card change. You can also remotely lock your phone amidst other cool stuff (this last features and the others however are only in the paid for version)


Swiftkey (Keyboard)

This has to be the most intuitive keyboard experience for me ever! Forget the default android keyboard and the others, Swiftkey is where it’s at! This keyboard learns your frequently used words automatically and has the most intelligent prediction systems I’ve ever come across, such that the more you type, the more it will likely predict what you want to type (imagine your keyboard predicting ‘efo’ after you type ‘eba’ :D). It also allows you sync across your multiple android devices such that you have an identical typing experience when typing on any of your phone(s) and tab. As if that wasn’t enough, YOU CAN SWYPE! I nearly screamed when I found out it had become free. If you don’t have this app, you’re doing your android experience a grave injustice.


Most of us know their browser, but Opera has this fantastic app that helps reduce the amount of data your android device guzzles every month. Still in the Beta phase( i.e. they are still testing it) and technically ‘not available in our region yet’, this app helps you shave off some valuable MB’s of data by compressing your pictures and some other stuff. While I don’t like the fact that it makes the quality of the photos I view on my BBM, Browser drop, if you’re into data management, this might be your thing.
It also has the added advantage of blocking some apps from your data altogether, plus it tells you per time which app is most guilty of zapping your precious internet plan.

VLC Player (Beta)

The cone player is on android, and yes it plays all the formats like it does on PC ( ‘mp4’,’flv’, ‘mkv’ and the many others you’ve never heard of).


If this didn’t come with your phone download the latest version here, and for grammar freaks like meself, it pronounces the words. It’s totally offline too.


Ever heard of Flash share? Well if your device doesn’t come with the greatest app sharing tool in the history of modern man, don’t despair. Xender will do you a lot of good. Works pretty much the same way as Flash share, i.e. it allows you to share apps (this means you can copy the apps on your friends phone/tab) between android devices using the Wi-Fi on both devices. So it’s not only neat and tidy, its super-fast.
It works with devices that also have Flash Share or Xender installed and you can also transfer files of any sort and size (Pictures, Movies and Music)

Google Chrome Browser

Chrome is on android and it’s worth a mention because it doesn’t come pre-installed (I’m talking about the tri-coloured ring browser not the one found by default on your phone). It could be quite heavy on system processes so if your device is dragging already, don’t even bother. It however provides the one of the most noteworthy android browsing experiences because of how seamlessly it integrates with the operating system.

Readers, Viewers, Note Takers and Office Suites


This News reader sources content from RSS feeds and Blogs. This means this tool extracts different stories from your websites and blogs of choice and instead of having to visit the 1 dozen sites and blogs, Feedly brings everything together in one viewing and from 1 app. It also saves you time and data you would otherwise spend visiting the websites/blogs and waiting for their pages to load. What’s more, with Feedly you can ‘Pocket’ interesting stuff to read later. This leads us to the next app


This app is used for storing stories and content of interest from web browsers and content aggregators like Feedly so you can refer to them later. It allows you to keep stories, pictures and videos you find for use later. Cross synching across you devices is also featured i.e you can access stuff you pocket on one device on another device once you have Pocket installed and you’re logged in with the same profile.

Adobe Reader ®

Yes, the very inventors of the PDF format have their app available for download. While there are a host of other PDF readers out there, Adobe ® Reader is still the number one PDF handler. It allows commenting and very decent annotation on PDF’s so you can highlight, underline etc. It’s also got ‘Night Mode’ to improve visibility and conserve battery at night.

Kingsoft Office Suite

This is a pretty decent office suite (beats all the other free and even some paid for office suites in my humble opinion). It essentially handles all your Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
It allows you to save to .pdf and YOU CAN ALSO SAVE TO YOUR ONLINE DRIVE(Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box etc). It also presents your documents just as seen on Please to a large extent.


Great, multiple award winning note taking app. This app helps you take notes and access them across all your device platforms Phone, Tab, PC. It’s also got some other cool features like including photos in your notes plus a bunch of other stuff. Sign in with 1 user name across your devices and the address you copied off the internet yesterday on your laptop is readable on your phone without any transfers.


Blackberry Messenger

This is more of a link to the app on Play Store than anything else